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Situated in Derbyshire Langley Gates design, manufacture and install gates and fencing for individual, commercial and Local Authority projects.

Major projects are undertaken with a comprehensive service that includes groundworks, security gates and electric gate automation. We also manufacture domestic gates both large and small.

A wrought iron style gate with brick pillars and metal railings on an impressive cobbled driveway entrance
A metal field type gate with automation on a block paved driveway
A 5 bar metal gate with automation at an angle, painted in dark green
Electric Gate Automation text placed in a circle

Gate Automation

At Langley gates we can offer the complete automation package to your existing gates or to new wrought iron gates manufactured in our workshop.

We offer the following automation packages:-

  • Electromechanical Underground kits for swing gates
  • Hydraulic Underground kits for swing gates
  • External kits for swing gates
  • External kits for sliding gates

All systems are suitable for both metal and wooden gates.

A 5 bar metal gate with automation at an angle, painted in dark green

We fully install and commission the automation systems and we ensure that the customer receives all relevant instruction and training as required.

In addition we can offer the following added options

to our packages such as:-

  • Electric deadlocks for added security
  • Video and/or Audio entry systems
  • Keypad entry systems
  • Induction Loop/Push button exit systems
  • Proximity card/fob entry systems for larger commercial premises..


An automation system can be fitted to new gateways or most pairs of existing gates that you may have. Langley Gates are able to visit your gateway to professionally ensure that the underground automation system is the best possible solution for your requirement.

Operated by all the standard gate accessories e.g. remote controls, push buttons, keypads etc.

In the eventuality of a power cut the system has a key operated manual release mechanism which is conveniently situated on both the inside and outside of the gateway.

The irreversible geared motor firmly locks the gates, unlike hydraulic machines which generally allow their pistons to "relax" and therefore must have an electric locking system which, with the passage of time, invariably becomes an extra thing to malfunction.



An underground gate motor is designed to operate in damp, below ground level conditions. It is indeed the most popular machine with the discerning customer, who not only wants a long lasting reliable gate machine, but also does not want to see any type of armature attachment on the inside of the gates.

The system is designed to automate either metallic or wooden gates and in every case the pivot arm becomes the bottom hinge for the gate. Once correctly installed, there is no apparent sign of the mechanism other than the lid of the foundation casing box, and it does not detract from the overall aesthetics of an attractive gateway.


Worm Drive are extremely strong and able to cope with heavyweight gates. The strength of these motors is achieved by the irreversibly geared worm drive mechanism. All the models can be operated by all the standard gate accessories e.g. remote controls, push buttons, keypads etc. In the eventuality of a power cut the machine has a key operated manual release mechanism.

A common application for a worm drive motor would be to operate a traditional five bar wooden gate.

The worm drive electric gate operator is a cost effective and efficient way of automating your gates.


The articulated arm gate operator is designed to automate gates that are hung from large brick or stone pillars. The motor can be operated by all the standard gate accessories e.g. remote controls, push buttons, keypads etc.

In the eventuality of a power cut the motor has a lever operated manual release mechanism which is situated on the motor casing. The simplicity of operation of a winding arm machine always ensures the fastest possible operating of the gate. A common application for the motor is a situation, such as a gateway directly on a main road, where the gates’ opening time needs to be as quick as possible.


WHENEVER there is limited space in an entrance, an electric sliding gate which takes up little or no room is the ideal solution.

WHENEVER the driveway entrance turns sharply to the right or the left and a wing type gate would form an obstruction to the turning vehicle, then an electric sliding gate is the ideal solution.

WHENEVER extra security is required and the driveway needs to be securely closed off by the electric gate, then the electric sliding gate forms the ideal solution.

A wooden cantilever sliding gate with automation seen from the back

Our range of electric sliding gate operators has a machine for every size of gate. Residential gates can be opened with the standard machines and commercial gateways with the industrial range or 3 phase motors. The robust and reliable rack and pinion method of operation is very straightforward and can be used on metal or wooden gates.

The sophisticated electronic control panel can be programmed to accommodate timed auto-closure and partial opening to allow just pedestrian access and can accept wired low voltage signalling from the whole range of gate accessories.

The installation of an electric sliding gate system is a little more involved than any other type of electric gate as it has to have more civil engineering done at the initial stage, but once the correct ground track and/or cantilever roller frames are installed, then the installation follows the same format as with other types of electric gates, continuing with the mechanical engineering stage of gate fabrication and gate mounting, followed by the final stage of electrical fixing and commissioning.

We are qualified and available to survey your gateway to recommend which sliding gate motor and gate will suit best your individual requirement.


Safety - Our Priority

Automated Gates provide you and your loved ones with a secure and conveneint method of accessing your property. But by their very nature, electrically operated gates means they can pose a small but real risk when operated.

This risk is most apparent when either young children or family pets play near the gates.

Minimising this risk using modern advanced motors and control panels, fully risk assessed installations and high tech force and pressure testing equipment ensure your automated Langley Gate is as safe as possible.

Our committment to safety stands above and beyond the typical specification of an elecric gate.

Existing Installation Tests

With years of experience and advanced testing technology, Langley can attend your existing installation and run a complete risk assessment and force test analysis.

Many older gate installations were installed in a time when the real concerns around gate safety had not been considered. 99% will have been operating trouble free for many years, without a thought for the potential risk and most would continue without problem for multiple years to come.

Don't let your existing gate become a statistic or news story, get it checked by Langley to ensure your electric gate meets the UK legal requirements!

Comprehensive 11 Step Safety Check

New gate installations and safety assessments on existing gate installations undergo our comprehensive 11 point gate safety check. All installations are unique so we consider this the minimum required.

  1. Gate Installation Risk Assessment
  2. Situational Risk Assessment
  3. Safety Device Appraisal
  4. Safety Device Requirements
  5. Gate Actuator Check
  6. Gate Movement Appraisal
  7. Mechanical Gate Part Check
  8. Electronic PCB Check
  9. Leading Edge Force Testing
  10. Hinge Edge Force Testing
  11. Situation Appropriate Additional Force Testing

On existing installation we will inform you of the suitability of the gates safety and advise if additional safety devices are required to meet UK law.

On new and upgraded installations we will provide you with the documentation outlining how your electric gate meets the requirements set out by the UK HSE and meet all guidelines prescribed by UK law.