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Situated in Derbyshire Langley Gates design, manufacture and install gates and fencing for individual, commercial and Local Authority projects.

Major projects are undertaken with a comprehensive service that includes groundworks, security gates and electric gate automation. We also manufacture domestic gates both large and small.

A wrought iron style gate with brick pillars and metal railings on an impressive cobbled driveway entrance
A metal field type gate with automation on a block paved driveway
A 5 bar metal gate with automation at an angle, painted in dark green
Electric Gate Automation text placed in a circle

Accreditation & Equipment

Accreditations are third-party certifications that demonstrate that the company has met certain standards and requirements in a particular area of expertise.

In the case of the accreditations listed below, they indicate that the company has been trained and certified to perform certain tasks related to safety, such as working in confined spaces, using an excavator, working with abrasive wheels, welding, using scaffold towers, working at height, and handling asbestos.

Having these accreditations can provide reassurance to customers and clients that the Langley Gates has the knowledge and expertise to safely and effectively perform the tasks they are hired to do. It also shows that Langley Gates takes safety seriously and is committed to following industry best practices.

Some of the specific accreditations include:

  • DBS: All staff are DBS checked for working in schools, colleges and other sensitive environments..
  • Confined space training: This certification demonstrates that the company has been trained to safely work in confined spaces, which are environments that are difficult to access or exit and may have limited ventilation or other hazards.
  • Use of excavator (NPORS): The National Plant Operator Registration Scheme (NPORS) is a UK-based certification program that verifies that an individual has the knowledge and skills to safely operate plant machinery, such as excavators.
  • Abrasive wheel: This accreditation shows that the company has been trained in the safe use of abrasive wheels, which are tools used for grinding, cutting, or polishing materials.
  • Welding: This certification indicates that the company has been trained in welding techniques and is qualified to perform welding work.
  • Scaffold tower: The Prefabricated Access Suppliers' and Manufacturers' Association (Pasma) is a UK-based organization that provides training and certification in the use of scaffold towers.
  • Working at height: This accreditation shows that the company has been trained in the safe use of equipment and techniques for working at height, such as ladders, scaffolding, or cherry pickers.
  • Working safely: This certification demonstrates that the company has completed training in general safety procedures and practices for the workplace.
  • Fire safety: This accreditation indicates that the company has been trained in fire safety procedures and is knowledgeable about how to prevent and respond to fires.
  • Asbestos awareness: This certification shows that the company has been trained in the safe handling and removal of asbestos, a hazardous material that can cause serious health problems if inhaled.
  • C Scope: A UK-based certification program that provides training and accreditation in the safe handling and disposal of controlled waste, such as hazardous materials and medical waste.
  • Manual handling: This accreditation indicates that the company has been trained in the safe lifting and movement of heavy objects, to prevent injuries.

In-house Equipment

Mini Digger

Mini Digger

Yellow Dumper


Avant Loader in Snow (CC Share and Share Alike)

Avant loader

Welding Sparks

Portable Welder